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Devouring Their Flesh With a Razorblade Smile

Bellatrix Lestrange
6 June

He who speaks of nightly treasures
He who wraps the serpent around my neck
He who pours poisonous wine in my chalice
He who lets me serve and slip away

...and so i will take shelter
In the absence of the light
Hiding like a masked miniature in the dark
A revenant without relief it seems
For the art of becoming a progeny
and to be raised in such curse

from Dimmu Borgir's Reptile

okay, okay. so i'm not really bellatrix lestrange. that should have been obvious, right? i mean, it's not really 1999, and hogwarts doesn't really... okay so i better stop there. anyway, this is a journal for the SPLENDID rpg, beyond hogwarts and... the pb is claudia black.